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1st C2TN Workshop - oral presentations

The oral presentatios and authors are listed below.

Follow the links to read/download them.


 Francisco Silva Multifunctional nanoparticles for target-specific delivery of radionuclides 
 Rita Melo  Molecular modelling in drug development and VLP design
 Sandra Cabo Verde  Ionizing radiation: a tool to control environmental microbiota towards public health safety
 Joana Guerreiro  Biological and (nano)dosimetric characterization of radiation exposure effects in Ionizing Radiation-based cancer imaging and therapy
 Mariana Baptista  Medical Physics and Radiation Protection in Medicine (state-of-the-art)
 Mário Reis  Relevance and societal repercussions of NORM/TENORM
 Marta Almeida  Integration of air pollution, climate change and health in urban systems

António Paulo, João Correia

Tribute to Isabel Rego dos Santos
Miguel Felizardo Radiation detectors with superheated liquids
Ana Luísa Rodrigues Luminescence Dating, dosimetry and compositional studies applied to cultural heritage: The international prominence of the luminescence dating laboratory of C2TN
Pedro Valério Ancient Metallurgy in the Portuguese Territory – from Chalcolithic to the Orientalizing Period
João Guilherme Correia Portugal @ ISOLDE
Helena Casimiro Biodegradable polymer matrices obtained by ionizing radiation for skin scaffolds
Joaquim Marçalo The f-Elements in the Gas Phase - Chemistry Challenges at the Bottom of the Periodic Table
Laura Pereira 4-f and 5-f compounds with  Single Molecule Magnet Behaviour
Sandra Rabaça Self Assembled Bilayer Molecular Metals; A new paradidgm for Organic Conductors and Superconductors