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Gas-Phase Studies of Uranium Oxide Clusters


In the context of the new FCT project "f-Element Clusters in the Gas Phase – Prototypes of Catalytic Processes" (PTDC/QEQ-QFI/6430/2014), and in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, gas-phase studies of the generation and reactivity of uranium oxide anionic clusters with methanol by LDI-FTICR/MS were performed. [U2O6], [U3O8] and [U3O9] clusters reacted sequentially with six molecules of methanol, by alternate methanol addition and methanol addition plus water elimination, to form cluster ions with six coordinated methoxides. Gas-phase reactivity studies provide a fundamental basis for understanding interfacial and condensed phase chemistry and these results can be compared with the reaction of methanol at uranium oxide solid surfaces, where the initial step is also methoxide formation.

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Contact person: José Carretas