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Polynuclear Divalent Ytterbium Complexes Supported by a Bis(Phenolate) Cyclam Ligand


The reaction of a new [O2N2N2’] cyclam-based bis(phenolate) ligand, {Me2ArO)2Me2-cyclam}2-, with 1.5 and 2 equivalents of [YbI2(thf)2.5] in thf led to the formation of the [Yb3(μ-{(Me2ArO)2Me2-cyclam)2I]I and [Yb2(μ-{(Me2ArO)2Me2-cyclam)I2(thf)2] divalent ytterbium complexes, respectively. In the dinuclear Yb complex, the two bridging oxygens of the phenolate groups are perfectly in plane, forming a diamond-shaped YbO2Yb geometry in an original crystallographic packing. The bis(phenolate) cyclam ligand proved to be efficient in the stabilization of novel dinuclear and trinuclear ytterbium(II) structures and can be used as a linker to generate polynuclear lanthanide complexes by taking advantage of the ability of the phenolates to make bridging oxygen bonds.



Contact person: Leonor Maria