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rei3Bica Spring – Gerês thermomineral system. RIGHT Schematic representation of the conceptual circulation model of Gerês thermomineral groundwater system (adapted from Guerra, 2015).A comparative study based on geochemical and environmental isotope data was conducted in three low-temperature aquifer systems located in the north of Portugal (Monção, Caldelas and Gerês hydrothermal systems), in order to demonstrate the role of combined hydrogeological tools to improve knowledge on the conceptual circulation models. Environmental isotopes (2H and 18O) were used as natural tracers to estimate the origin and altitude of the recharge areas of these thermomineral aquifer systems, and in the characterization of groundwater flowpaths. The tritium (3H) content was used in issues related to the dynamics of the groundwater flow systems and identification of mixing processes between different aquifer units. Carbon isotopes, 13C and 14C, allowed the determination of the main sources of the total carbon dissolved in the aqueous system and estimation of the apparent groundwater age of these thermomineral groundwater aquifers. Based in this information conceptual circulation models were proposed: 1. recharge areas located at higher elevations; 2. the meteoric waters infiltrates at depth through major fractures and faults in the granitic massive; 3. water-rock interaction is enhanced, and therefore the TDS in water increases, being temperature dependent.



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