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Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron Behavior in Intermetallics


ES 8

The understanding of complex magnetic structures and strongly correlated electron behaviour in intermetallic systems containing f-elements has been a continuing topic of research in the Solid State group. In this context a new uranium phase, UCu5.5 Ga0.5, presenting strong electronic correlations, was studied by magnetization, electrical resistivity and specific heat measurements. It shows a modified Curie-Weiss behaviour, with a reduced effective magnetic moment, a strongly negative paramagnetic Curie temperature and no hint of any transition down to 1.7 K. The low-temperature electronic specific heat is moderately enhanced, ~185 mJ/(mol K2), the proportionality C/T ~ T2 breaks down below 5 K and a slight logarithmic upturn is observed. The electrical resistivity behaves in a manner characteristic of systems with strong electronic correlations. The absence of any magnetic transition in UCu5.5Ga0.5 contrasts with the behaviour observed in the closely related UCu5M (M = Al, In, Sn) phases.


Contact person: António Gonçalves


Related reference(s):

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