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Spallation Targets


ES 9

The production of radioisotopes can be made through the ISOL method: a target is hit by a beam of high energy protons, generating a wide variety of isotopes via nuclear reactions. These isotopes must be rapidly released, which is done by increasing the temperature. Aiming at developing new, nanostructured, UCx spallation targets with high release performance, YCx nanofibers prepared by electrospinning were tested. Mixtures of Y-acetylacetonate, acetate or oxalate and cellulose acetate with acetylacetone and acetic acid were used as precursors for electrospinning. The electrospun materials were decomposed under argon atmosphere at 600 oC and vacuum heat treated at 1350oC – 1800oC. During decomposition a total weight loss of >90% was observed and disordered materials were obtained. After treating above 1650oC fibers with sub-micra diameters containing a nanocrystalline mixture of C, YC2 and Y2C3 were produced.


Contact person: António Gonçalves