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Institution Winners - Peer Reviewer Awards (September 2017)

nunobarradasnunocanhaapgJan Mihalikfoto jplealcgalinhahelenaCasimiro



Publons Platform has published its 2017 Peer Review Awards. In this classification the Universidade de Lisboa was ranked 7th overall in the world. It should be noted that at the level of the "Chemistry", "Energy" and "Physics and Astronomy" categories, the Universidade de Lisboa ranked first in the world. For their contribution to this performance, C2TN members Nuno Barradas, Nuno Canha, António Pereira Gonçalves, Ján Mihalik, João Paulo Leal, Catarina Galinha and Maria Helena Casimiro were awarded the distinction of "Top Reviewers for the University of Lisbon". It would be good that more colleagues, who certainly review articles, would participate in the future in this platform to enhance the prestige our University and the function of reviewer that is of major importance for the quality of Science.