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I. Reviewer awards (2016)

salvarori1Salvatore Di Maria, researcher of C2TN, received the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing in recognition of the contributions made to the quality of the "European Journal of Medical Physics" (Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Sanjib Prize (2016)

A C2TN PhD student received an award for a poster presented at the 20th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements (11 to 15 April 2016, Zaragoza, Spain). The poster can be downloaded here, and the award can be viewed by clicking on the picture above.

Alberto Romão Dias Award

PiresMatosIt was today announced that the "Alberto Romão Dias" award (2016 edition) was attributed to our colleague António Pires de Matos, senior researcher of the IST-UL (CTN) and invited Emeritus Professor of FCT-UNL. The award will be presented during the conference of the Chemical Division of Inorganic and Bioinorganic of the SPQ, which this year will take place in Sintra on 7 and 8 October (http://11icc.eventos.chemistry.pt), at which Prof. Pires de Matos will give a key note talk. Further information (in Portuguese).

Most cited article of Physica Scripta (2016)

nunobarradasMost cited article in the last two years of the "Physica Scripta journal"
The article "Surface analysis of tiles and samples exposed to the first JET campaigns with the ITER-like wall", JP Coad, E. Alves, NP Barradas, A. Baron-Wiechec, N. Catarino, K. Heinola, J. Likonen, M. Mayer, GF Matthews, P. Petersson, A. Widdowson, Physica Scripta T159 (2014) 014012, co-authored by C2TN members, is one of the most cited articles in the last two years of the prestigious Physica Scripta journal, published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Reviewer Award (2015)

isabelprudencioIsabel Prudêncio, researcher of C2TN, received a diploma and a badge as a Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing in recognition of his great assistance and commitment to the quality of scientific publishing of the "Applied Clay Science" (Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).