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Interreg project


REMEDIO stands for REgenerating mixed-use MED urban communities congested by traffic through Innovative low carbon mobility sOlutions. The project aims at fostering the use of available low carbon transport systems and solutions through the testing of an operational path in the governance and management of high congested roads, a common issue for many middle-sized Mediterranean cities lacking of proper orbital roads or bypasses.
REMEDIO gather institutional partners, as Municipalities and public agency for public transportation or environmental protection, and scientific institutions from 5 different MED countries. One of the territorial challenges for middle sized cities and towns in the Mediterranean area is traffic congestion; REMEDIO focuses on high density areas surrounding the city centers with commercial and directional roads often suffering from traffic jam to the point of becoming wounds in the connectivity of the wide spread city and elements of additional economic crisis and even social exclusion.
REMEDIO is a Testing project funded by Interreg MED Program through the European Regional Developed Fund (ERDF) and is developed in 3 steps.
1. Territorial partners implement soft actions on low carbon mobility solutions;
2. Scientific partners jointly implement an Integrated Modelling Tool to assess the present and future scenarios road performance in terms of energy and freight transport efficiency, noise impact, air pollution, cost & health effects.
3. The city communities are engaged in testing an operational path towards participatory governance such as “horizontal condominiums” or “road contracts” that should lead to higher environmental and mobility performances.

Duration: From November 2016 to April 2019
Total Budget: 2.215.512,50 €
Website: https://remedio.interreg-med.eu/
Contact Person: Marina Almeida Silva |


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