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A new INTERREG Sudoe project approved with C2TN as partner

interreg sudoe
Hospital SUDOE 4.0 is the most recent European project raised by Nuno Canha from the air quality research line from the Nuclear Engineering and Techniques (NET) research group of C2TN.
The results from the 3rd call of the Interreg Sudoe Programme just come up last week and Hospital Sudoe 4.0, submitted under Axis 3 – Low Carbon Economy - Contributing to a higher efficiency of the energy efficiency policies, obtained the second best evaluation from all projects in competition.
With partners from Spain, Portugal and France, this project aims to promote a smart management of energy in hospital facilities and it is led by Instituto Tecnológico De Castilla y León (Spain). C2TN-IST is responsible by the tasks regarding air quality and has a budget of 131K€, from a total budget of 1M€.