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Chapter in book on Characterisation and Control of Defects in Semiconductors co-authored by a C2TN researcher

IETBook UWahl

Ulrich Wahl, a researcher at C2TN, together with Lino Pereira and André Vantomme from Instituut voor Kern- en Stralingsfysica, KU Leuven, has co-authored chapter 11, entitled "Characterizing defects with ion beam analysis and channeling techniques", in the recently published book Characterisation and Control of Defects in Semiconductors, edited by F. Tuomisto (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Stevenage, UK, 2019).


Find the book online


A new INTERREG Sudoe project approved with C2TN as partner

interreg sudoe
Hospital SUDOE 4.0 is the most recent European project raised by Nuno Canha from the air quality research line from the Nuclear Engineering and Techniques (NET) research group of C2TN.
The results from the 3rd call of the Interreg Sudoe Programme just come up last week and Hospital Sudoe 4.0, submitted under Axis 3 – Low Carbon Economy - Contributing to a higher efficiency of the energy efficiency policies, obtained the second best evaluation from all projects in competition.
With partners from Spain, Portugal and France, this project aims to promote a smart management of energy in hospital facilities and it is led by Instituto Tecnológico De Castilla y León (Spain). C2TN-IST is responsible by the tasks regarding air quality and has a budget of 131K€, from a total budget of 1M€.

ClimACT is a EU Sustainable Energy Awards FINALIST

Sustainable week
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ClimACT is a EU Sustainable Energy Awards FINALIST!
The ClimACT project coordinated by C2TN researcher Marta Almeida is among the 12 finalists of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards. The EU Sustainable Energy Awards' competition recognises the year's top sustainable energy projects in the categories of Engagement, Leadership, Innovation and Youth.

C2TN researchers published on Journal of American Chemical Society

JACS 2018 img

JACS 2018 articleC2TN researchers, João Waerenborg and Bruno Vieira, are co-authors of the article Conducting Anilate-Based Mixed-Valence Fe(II)Fe(III) Coordination Polymer: Small-Polaron Hopping Model for Oxalate-Type Fe(II)Fe(III) 2D Networks published on October 2018 in Volume 140, Issue 39 of the high impact journal Journal of American Chemical Society.

Article available at Journal website.




C2TN researchers contribute to the 2nd Edition of the Book "Mulheres na Ciência"

On March 8, "Ciência Viva" celebrated Women's Day with the publication of the second edition of the book "Mulheres na Ciência" (http://www.cienciaviva.pt/mulheresnaciencia/), which brings together 109 testimonies of female researchers, in Portugal.
Fernanda Margaça and Marta Almeida, researchers of C2TN, are two of the faces present in this edition.

FernandaMargaca RoCab

Fernanda Margaça

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MartaAlmeida V2

Marta Almeida

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C2TN researchers published on Nature Chemistry

Issue 10 NatureChemistryC2TN researchers, João Waerenborg and Bruno Vieira, are co-authors of the article Isoreticular two-dimensional magnetic coordination polymers prepared through pre-synthetic ligand functionalization published on October 2018 in Volume 10, Issue 10 of the high impact journal Nature Chemistry.

Article available at Journal website.




Pedro Vaz - Member of Editorial Board (Radiation Physics and Chemistry)

pedrovazPedro Vaz, Researcher of C2TN, is now member of the Editorial Board of the "Radiation physics and chemistry (ELSEVIER)" as Associate Editor in Radiation Physics. 

More information at Journal website.