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Knockout-reactions might constitute a sensitive tool to investigate the single particle or cluster structure of nuclei. The first theoretical calculations for kinematic fully exclusive observables for nucleon (N) knockout for light nuclei have been performed. It is shown that cross section can be accurate tools of structure information if one single out some suitable energy regime and some specific kinematic regions for the outgoing fragments. 

 ETN 9

For the R3B collaboration theoretical kinematic fully exclusive cross sections for nucleon knockout were evaluated, as an input to a realistic event generator developed within the R3B collaboration of NUSTAR/FAIR in order to obtain the efficiency for detecting two protons or a proton and a neutron over a threshold at the Crystall Ball detector and correct the resolution for nucleon knockout. This event generator can be made part of the R3BRoot framework developed for simulations and data analysis of the new R3B setup that will be installed at FAIR.

ETN 10