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G4 8

The EU Roadmap 2050 suggests that, by 2050, the EU should cut its greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels. In this framework NET is coordinating the project Interreg Sudoe ClimACT (www.climact.net) that aims to promote the transition to a Low Carbon-Economy in schools. During 2017 environmental and energy performance was assessed in 39 European schools, from primary until university level. Complementary approaches such as energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, green procurement, resources conservation and behavioural change were design to support schools managers, energy and environment players and students in the identification of smart solutions for schools that contribute for the greenhouse gas emission reduction. The novelty of this research is the global approach considering collaboration with scientific, technology and business initiatives, the development of integrated decision support tools, the design of new business models and the development of holistic, comprehensive and technology-assisted educational platform for active learning.