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Name Category
Maria Isabel Dias Coordinator Researcher with Habilitation (Group Coordinator)
José Marques Coordinator Researcher
Maria Isabel Prudêncio  Coordinator Researcher 
Nuno Pessoa Barradas1 Principal Researcher with Habilitation 
Ulrich Wahl  Principal Researcher with Habilitation 
João Guilherme Correia  Principal Researcher 
José Vieira Antunes  Principal Researcher 
Susana Marta Almeida Principal Researcher
Maria Raquel Crespo Associated Professor with Habilitation
Andreas Kling  Auxiliary Researcher with Habilitation 
Ana Fernandes Auxiliary Researcher
Augusto Oliveira Auxiliary Researcher
João Garcia Alves Auxiliary Researcher
Miguel Adrião dos Reis  Auxiliary Researcher 
Miguel Felizardo Auxiliary Researcher (invited)
Rosa Marques Auxiliary Researcher
Thomas A. Girard Auxiliary Researcher (retired)
Nuno Canha Researcher
Paula Cristina Chaves Researcher
Tomoko Morlat Researcher
Vânia Martins Researcher
Ana Luisa Rodrigues Post-Doc Fellow
Joana Múrias G. Lage Post-Doc Fellow
Joana Raquel T. Coutinho Post-Doc Fellow
Javier García-Rivas2
Post-Doc Fellow
Carolina Correia Research Fellow (M.Sc.)
Filipe Soares Research Fellow (M.Sc.)
Marta Reis Research Fellow (M.Sc.)
Joana Pereira Graduated Technician (M.Sc.)
Chaima Boussollaa Ph.D. student (Sfax University, Tunisia)
Eric David Bosne  Ph.D. student 
Estela Vicente Ph.D. student (Aveiro University)
Inês Cunha Lopes Ph.D. student
Madji Yangui Ph.D. student (Sfax University, Tunisia)
Miguel Carvalho Ph.D. student (UNL)
Tiago Faria
Ph.D. student
Vitor Manteigas Ph.D. student
Ana Rita Justino M.Sc. student
Filipa Garcia M.Sc. student
João Ascensão M.Sc. student
Marco Dionisi M.Sc. student
Maria Leonor Abecassis M.Sc. student
Raquel Pimenta M.Sc. student
Catarina Nunes B.Sc. student
Elmahdi Amar Project Scholarship (20% INESC)
Collaborators More info / Affiliation
Ângelo Costa Collaborator (Post-Doc at CERN)
Carla Reis Collaborator (with Ph.D.) (Prof. at Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal)
Marina Almeida Silva Collaborator (with Ph.D.) (Prof. at ESTeSL)
Vincent Debut Inv. Prof. (UNL)


1 Leave in absence since 2016

50% dedication at the RPS Group