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G6 1

CThe α-(Per)2[M(mnt)2] compounds contain onducting perylene chains and anionic chains, that can be paramagnetic (M=Pt) or diamagnetic (M=Au). The electrical and magnetic properties of the solid solutions (Per)2[PtxAu(1−x)(mnt)2] were investigated, probing the effects of paramagnetic centers in the diamagnetic chains, and effects of breaking the paramagnetic chains with diamagnetic centers, for low and high Pt concentrations respectively. In the low x range, there is a fast decrease of the metal-to-insulator transition from 12.4 K in the pure Au compound to 9.7 K for x=0.1 comparable to the 8.1 K in the pure Pt compound. In the range x=0.50−0.95, only β-phase crystals were obtained. The spin-Peierls transition of the pure Pt compound, simultaneous with metal-to-insulator (Peierls) transition, is still present for x=0.98 with transition temperature barely affected. The β-phase structure was found to contain ordered layers with segregated donors and anion stacks, alternating with disordered layers, with semiconducting properties due to disorder localization effects.