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G6 2

Single Component Molecular Conductors have attracted a large interest due to their potential use as the basic components in light and transparent organic electronic devices. In this context, new neutral gold and nickel bisdithiolene complexes with methyl-substituted thiophenetetrathiafulavalenedithiolate ligands -[M(a‑mtdt)2]0- were prepared and characterized. Both magnetic and electric transport properties indicate that these compounds are the most recent members of a still small family of SCMC. [Au(a‑mtdt)2]0 and [Ni(a‑mtdt)2]0 display as polycrystalline samples properties of a metallic system with a room temperature electrical conductivity of 0.32 S/cm and »4 S/cm and a thermoelectric power of »5 mV/K and »32 mV/K, respectively. While [Au(a‑mtdt)2] presented a Pauli like magnetic susceptibility typical of conducting systems, in [Ni(a‑mtdt)2] large magnetic susceptibilities, indicative of high spin states, were observed.