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The Portuguese Magnetic Core has been created

The Portuguese Magnetic Core (in portuguese Núcleo Português de Magnetismo, NPM)  has been created! It is part of the Condensed Matter Division of the Portuguese Society of Physics and aims at bringing together the scientific community working on magnetism (topics and applications) and to promote the scientific, pedagogical and industrial work performed on this area. To find out more about NPM's future activities and initiatives, follow our social networks and leave your contact here.

C2TN at Escola Secundária de Alcochete

By invitation of the Cultural Movement of Students of Alcochete (MCEA), the researchers Helena Casimiro and Luís Cerqueira from Radiation, Elements and Isotopes Group of C2TN gave a lecture on January 22 at Escola Secundária de Alcochete. Researchers presented some of their work involving the use of ionizing radiation technologies for the preparation and characterization of different materials (from biomedical ones to cultural artefacts). This action has contributed to science dissemination and has also promoted an approximation of students with researchers. About 60 students of Sciences and Technologies area attend the session.

 Alcochete1 2020   Alcochete2 2020

"Ciência Viva no Laboratório" Programme at C2TN

The C2TN researcher Helena Casimiro was responsible for the training "Materiais macromoleculares processados por tecnologias alternativas" that took place at C2TN (from 01-07-2019 to 05-07-2019) integrated in the programme "Ciência Viva no Laboratório - Ocupação Científica de Jovens nas Férias", an initiative promoted by Ciência Viva in collaboration with the scientific community.


IAEA Technical Meeting co-organized by C2TN members

The IAEA Workshop/Training Course on: Concepts and Designs for the Disposal of Small Volumes of Radioactive Waste, was co-organized with the IST/C2TN/CTN, between 14-18 October 2019, in the Auditorium of the CTN, Polo of Loures. Around 40 participants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Portugal (IST, APA) attended the workshop. Lectures, practical work and presentations were given by (Philippe Van-Marcke and Paul Degnan (IAEA), João Oliveira Martins (APA/DEPR), Isabel Paiva (IST/C2TN/GPSR) and Iryna Kutina (SSTC, Ua).

 IAEA Lisbon 2019 

C2TN at EBI da Bobadela in the framework of Cientificamente Provável Programme

In the context of the Cientificamente Provável Programme, António Falcão, researcher of C2TN was present at Escola EBI of Bobadela on November 20 with the lecture "Applications of Ionizing Radiation". This was the first of three lectures scheduled during this school year that envisage the approximation of primary and secondary education with higher education and also to encourage young students to acquire knowledge and pursuit higher education.

20Nov2018 1     20Nov2018 2


C2TN at Noite Europeia dos Investigadores 2019

The 2019 edition of the initiative “Noite Europeia dos Investigadores” took place at the Museum of Natural History and Science (Lisbon's University) on the last 27th of September. In that context, several activities were developed and promoted by the outreach group of C2TN, under the context of “C2TN's contribution to the cities of tomorrow":
- A blind tasting of delicious cakes baked with irradiated and non-irradiated eggs which proved not only that food irradiation is perfectly safe, but also that it does not cause any alterations in food besides increasing their shelf life and safety;
- A practical demonstration entitled "The air belongs to everyone" performed in the framework of the LifeIndex Air project, and which involved the measurement of air quality on site (project information); 
- A demonstration with thermoelectric materials focused on recovery of waste energy.  
- A very successful "Science Dating powered by C2TN" session which consisted in 5 minutes talks with scientists, following the speed dating concept, where several topics were discussed. 


Cake blind tasting  LifeIndex Air project Thermoelectric materials Science Dating powered by C2TN

IMG 20190927 175642





C2TN at Science and Technology Week 2018

In the context of the Science and Technology Week, C2TN researchers were present at Escola EB1 n.º 4 of Póvoa de Santa Iria on the 23rd November with the activity entitled "The air is for everyone", which was directed at all students of the school. In this activity, which took place for all classes of every school year, a lecture was given about the air we breathe and its importance, sources of air pollution, and measures to improve indoor and outdoor air quality. The lecture was followed by 3 didactic games: a game of role-playing, entitled "I am the President of the Board"; a game of Cooperation; and a game about pollutants. This set of initiatives was carried out in the framework of the Interreg Sudoe ClimACT and LIFE Index-Air projects, both developed at C2TN. With a total of 258 students and 11 teachers being involved in this activity, C2TN has contributed to science dissemination among all students of Escola EB1 n.º 4 of Póvoa de Santa Iria.

SemanaCiencia2018 1   SemanaCiencia2018 2   SemanaCiencia2018 3   SemanaCiencia2018 4   SemanaCiencia2018 5