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4th Conference on Small Animal Precision Image-guided Radiotherapy

2018ConferenceSAPIR Group

The 4th Conference on Small Animal Precision Image-guided Radiotherapy, was held in CTN - Campus Tecnológico e Nuclear of IST, from 12-14 of March. The conference, co-organized by Ana Belchior and Pedro Vaz from C2TN and by Prof. Frank Verhaegen from MaastroClinic in The Netherlands, has proven to be a success on the dissemination and sharing of scientific knowledge, in the promotion of debates, ideas and innovation and in fostering new collaborations. It gathered 90 experts from different fields- biologists, chemists, physicists, physicians, equipment manufacturers, among others, from European countries, USA and Australia, who took this opportunity to discuss the state-of-the-art of inter alia radiotherapy, radiobiology, irradiation facilities, precision engineering, imaging, dose calculation and assessment in pre-clinical studies using small animals. Several researchers from the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences and Radiological Protection and Safety Groups from C2TN, took part in the conference, presenting and discussing their work with the all the other participants. The conference ended with the attribution of three awards for Best Young Speaker to Ana Vaniqui, Sophie Dobiash and Ivo Grgic.

More info on the conference web site