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48èmes Journées des Actinides (JdA2018)

The international conference JdA2018 just followed the 12th SPCA, being held in the Hotel Golf Mar, Praia de Porto Novo, Portugal, between 21 and 24 March 2018. It covered all aspects (fundamental and applied) related to the physics and chemistry of the 5f elements, their alloys and compounds. More than seventy experts and young researchers from thirteen American, Asian and European countries participated in this conference, emphasizing the exchanges and discussions on the current issues of the different actinide fields.

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Within the social programme, a visit to Adega Cooperativa da Lourinhã, inserted in the Lourinhã brandy region, one of the three brandy regions in the world with “Denominação de Origem Controlada” (Denomination of Controlled Origin), together with the French “Cognac” and “Armagnac”, took place on Friday after lunch. Friday was also the day of the Conference Dinner, where one Best young research award and two Life-time research awards were given to Dr. Boris Dorado and Professors Peter Rogl and James Tobin, respectively. During the Closing Remarks session three more awards were given, one Best young researcher's oral presentation award and two Best young researcher's poster awards, to the PhD students Evgeny Gerber, Oleksandra Koloskova and Sanjib Chowdhury.

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