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C2TN engages with students from Pegões

C2TN participated in an initiative involving 9th graders from the School EB 2,3 of Pegões, in collaboration with Ciência Viva and Câmara Municipal do Montijo. The main goal of this initiative was to share with the students the research developed at C2TN. The PhD student Joana Madureira took the lead of this initiative, which involved different activities.  Joana met the students on April 10 on a first visit to their school. The visit consisted of a class about ionizing radiation and how it can be safely used for the benefit of society. Joana spoke about its potential applications, specifically on the treatment of wastewaters from cork industry, sparking the students curiosity. On April 23, the students, together with Joana, visited Amorim Florestal, S.A, a very important and well known Portuguese cork company. Here, they had the opportunity to learn not only about the cork transformation processes but also the origin of the Joana work and its impact. Their last day together was on the past May 11, when the students visited C2TN. They were taken to visit the labs LETAL- Laboratory of Technological Assays in Clean Rooms and LM3 - Macromolecular Materials Laboratory, allowing them to see how and where the magic happens.

  IMG 20180511 153644 IMG 20180511 155053