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 The C2TN outreach group was present on the largest science meeting in Portugal in 2018 “Science and Technology Summit in Portugal”, Lisbon, 2 to 4 of July. Those who passed by had the chance to get to know a little more about the work that is done in C2TN.

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C2TN was represented in presentations in the sessions on the Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 11 – Good Health and Well-Being (SDG.3) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG.11):

SDG 3. – Quality and Safety of Patient Healthcare and Personalized Medicine Using Ionizing Radiation – See presentation
Authors: A.C. Antunes, M. Baptista, A. Belchior, J. Borbinha, S. di Maria, Célia Fernandes, J. Guerreiro, O. Gil, F. Mendes, Maria C. Oliveira A. Paulo, A. Sá, P. Raposinho, Y. Romanets, P. Teles, P.Vaz
SDG 11. – Entre a ciência e o património cultural – See presentation
Authors: Ana Luísa Rodrigues, Pedro Valério, Maria Isabel Dias, Maria Isabel Prudêncio, Maria Fátima Araújo, António Monge Soares, Luís Cerqueira Alves, Rosa Marques, Susana Sousa Gomes

Others presentations and demonstrations:

Recursos Hídricos – Impacto antropogénico: Avaliação, Tratamento e Reciclagem – See presentation
Authors: Sandra Cabo Verde, Paula Carreira, Joana Madureira, Catarina Palma, Helena Marcos, Dina Nunes, Pedro Santos, Fernanda Margaça, Fátima Araújo

Radiações ionizantes: controle das doses de exposição

Monitorização da qualidade do ar in situ