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The outreach group was present on the 3rd edition of Loures InSS that occurred at Parque Urbano de Santa Iria de Azóia last June. The main objectives of the Loures InSS (a partnership between the Câmara de Loures and Instituto Superior Técnico) are to transmit good environmental and citizenship practices and to value the environmental potential of the city.

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Day 1

The day was incredibly windy, but that certainly did not discourage our brave scientists! They were there all day, ready to welcome you. In the morning, those who passed by had the chance to get to know a little more about the work that is done in C2TN in the area of advanced materials, while in the afternoon we had a demonstration of 3D molecules that especially delighted the kids.

Day 2

In the morning we had a blind tasting of our delicious strawberries which proved not only that food irradiation is perfectly safe, but also that it doesn't cause alteration of the food. We could also observe how ionizing radiation can contribute to the valorization of toxic waste waters of the textiles industry. The afternoon was dedicated to the measurement of air quality.