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C2TN at Workshop NRD Portugal

National dose reference levels (DRLs) in radiodiagnostic medicine, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine are essencial in improving medical practice, in lowering the exposure of the population to ionising radiation and are a legal requisite in most countries, including Portugal. The NRD project, which involves several institutions, including C2TN, aims to set the national DRLs for Portugal for the first time, by conduction nationwide surveys following internationally recognised standards. The obtained DRLs reflect nationwide practices, as well as current equipment technology and also promote their optimization.
The results were presented for the first time at the Workshop NRD Portugal last 7th December 2018, with the participation of Pedro Vaz (President of C2TN) as a moderator of the event and Pedro Teles (Researcher of C2TN) as an invited speaker talking about DRLs in nuclear medicine. The results are now under evaluation by an international panel and will be published under the scientific approval of DGS.

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institutions involved on NRD project:

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