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C2TN at Science and Technology Week 2018

In the context of the Science and Technology Week, C2TN researchers were present at Escola EB1 n.º 4 of Póvoa de Santa Iria on the 23rd November with the activity entitled "The air is for everyone", which was directed at all students of the school. In this activity, which took place for all classes of every school year, a lecture was given about the air we breathe and its importance, sources of air pollution, and measures to improve indoor and outdoor air quality. The lecture was followed by 3 didactic games: a game of role-playing, entitled "I am the President of the Board"; a game of Cooperation; and a game about pollutants. This set of initiatives was carried out in the framework of the Interreg Sudoe ClimACT and LIFE Index-Air projects, both developed at C2TN. With a total of 258 students and 11 teachers being involved in this activity, C2TN has contributed to science dissemination among all students of Escola EB1 n.º 4 of Póvoa de Santa Iria.

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C2TN at Workshop NRD Portugal

National dose reference levels (DRLs) in radiodiagnostic medicine, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine are essencial in improving medical practice, in lowering the exposure of the population to ionising radiation and are a legal requisite in most countries, including Portugal. The NRD project, which involves several institutions, including C2TN, aims to set the national DRLs for Portugal for the first time, by conduction nationwide surveys following internationally recognised standards. The obtained DRLs reflect nationwide practices, as well as current equipment technology and also promote their optimization.
The results were presented for the first time at the Workshop NRD Portugal last 7th December 2018, with the participation of Pedro Vaz (President of C2TN) as a moderator of the event and Pedro Teles (Researcher of C2TN) as an invited speaker talking about DRLs in nuclear medicine. The results are now under evaluation by an international panel and will be published under the scientific approval of DGS.

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institutions involved on NRD project:

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1st Meeting – A Universidade de Lisboa e o Património

ano europeu patrimoniocultural300

Celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, Técnico and Universidade de Lisboa will jointly organise the 1st meeting – A Universidade de Lisboa e o Património.The meeting will take place on 19th and 20th November, at IST Alameda Campus and will focus on ULisboa cultural heritage – scientific, artistic, architectural and historical. This meeting will bring together all ULisboa’s schools and will be an opportunity to closely follow the communication adopted by the European Commission “Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture”.

Members of C2TN developing Cultural Heritage research will participate with several presentations in the event.

more information and registration 


C2TN at Noite Europeia dos Investigadores 2018

The 2018 edition of the initiative “Noite Europeia dos Investigadores” took place at the Museum of Natural History and Science and at Lisbon's Botanical Garden (Lisbon's University) on the last 28th of September. In that context, several activities were developed and promoted by the outreach group of C2TN, under the context of “C2TN's contribution to the cities of tomorrow":
- A blind tasting of delicious strawberries which proved not only that food irradiation is perfectly safe, but also that it does not cause any alterations in food besides increasing their shelf life and safety.
- A practical demonstration entitled "The air belongs to everyone" performed in the framework of the LifeIndex Air project, and which involved the measurement of air quality on site (project information)
- A demonstration related with the ClimACT project that is focused on driving a transition towards a low carbon economy in school (project information
- A very successful "Science Dating powered by C2TN" session which consisted in 5 minutes talks with scientists, following the speed dating concept, where several topics were discussed. During around 1h30, this activity has engaged close to 100 participants.


Strawberries blind tasting  LifeIndex Air and ClimACT projects Science Dating powered by C2TN


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Book launch “Nomenclatura de Química Inorgânica”

sessao lancamento livro nomenclatura quimica inorganica 1140x641

The book “Nomenclatura de Química Inorgânica”, edited by IST Press, will be launched on October 12, at IST Alameda campus (main building – meeting room). The session will start at 6 p.m. and Professor Bernardo Herold (Universidade de Lisboa) will present the book.

Among the authors are Joaquim Marçalo, Researcher of C2TN and Rui Teives Henriques, retired C2TN collaborator.

more information.



IST Summer Internships at C2TN

estagios 2Because we all have to start somewhere, during this summer, several students from IST had the chance to develop internships at C2TN in order to get introduced to the world of scientific research. From 4 to 6 weeks, nine students coming from different courses developed their work at the following C2TN groups:

- f-element Chemistry Group
- Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Group
- Radiation Elements and Isotopes Group
- Nuclear Engineering and Techniques Group

For that period, the students had a chance to develop several skills, while also integrating a research team and get acquainted with what working in research really is. Want to know what students and supervisors have to say about it?

Students Supervisors

Catarina Marta, aluna do 4º ano de Engenharia Química (PT only)

Ana Carolina Alves, aluna do 4º ano de Engenharia Química (PT only)

Rita Justino, aluna do 3º ano de Engenharia do Ambiente (PT only)

Marta Avelar, aluna do 3º ano de Engenharia Biológica (PT only)

Catarina Pinto, aluna do 4º ano de Engenharia Biomédica (PT only) 

Nuno Canha, Post-Doc at Nuclear Engineering and Techniques Group

Joana F. Guerreiro, Post-Doc at Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Group and

      Radiological Protection and Safety Group 

Bernardo Monteiro, Post-Doc at f-element Chemistry Group


C2TN AT AuxDefense 2018

AuxDefense 2018 – 1st World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense, focuses on advanced materials research in the forward-looking enabling R&D domain where the intersection of key technologies in areas such as nano and microtechnology, biotechnology, stealth materials, smart materials and structures, and energy generation and storage is being explored.

This Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 3rd and 4th of September 2018 and C2TN was represented by António Pereira Gonçalves with a presentation entitled “Facilities, Skills and Competence in Advanced Materials Studies for Defense at C2TN” in Session 9 - Advanced Materials and Technologies for Defense.

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More info at the Conference website.