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Com bisturi, voluntários põem mosaico romano a descoberto

conimbriga w250C2TN researchers integrate the team involved in a collaboration project that aims at cleaning and preserving a 20 meters panel from the ancient roman city Conimbriga. The joint coordination of the project integrates Dr. Luís M. Ferreira from C2TN, Dr. Virgílio Hipólito from the Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga and Professor João Coroado from Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. The Roman Mosaic in study had already been found in the 50’s, but was kept buried for its preservation. It is now being literally brought to light as a partnership effort in which C2TN plays a part. The mosaic must go through a process of cleaning and our C2TN researchers will contribute with their expertise and access to nuclear and radiation technologies for the characterization of the native materials and the preparation of a new hybrid material with biocide activity which can be used alone or integrated as a component in the consolidation mortars in use. Within C2TN, this work is developed under the framework of an IAEA project, RomanRad (F23032/RC18982), led by the researcher Luís M. Ferreira and as part of the PhD work from the PhD student Alexandra Rodrigues, enrolled in the doctoral program on Conservation and Restoration CORES from FCT-UNL.

More info on this link (In Portuguese).