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Catarina Galinha (March 2017)

cgalinhaTwo articles from Catarina Galinha were published on portuguese monthly health magazines. "O Poder do Selénio", on PREVENIR, Nº 137 and "Solo Mais São", on SABER VIVER, Nº 201 (both articles only available in portuguese).

Marta Almeida TSF (Nov 2016)

Marta Almeida2016, Nov. 04
Marta Almeida was interviewed by TSF over a new project on air quality.

Jornal Económico (Dec 2016)

News from "Jornal Económico": the Portuguese Minister of Science Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, has proposed to develop the Nuclear and Technological Campus of IST as a Regional Centre of the International Atomic Energy Agency, devoted to scientific cooperation at higher education level (full article, in Portuguese)

João Guilherme Correia (2014)

foto jgcorreiaJoão Martins Correia was interviewed by the radio station, RDP Internacional.

Carla Ramos (2014)

A study on air quality in Lisbon’s gyms led by Carla Ramos, PhD student of Marta Almeida, both members of C2TN, was reported in the New York Times on November 5th, 2014, and after, replicated in more than 60 newspapers all over the world.