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Pedro Vaz - Re-appointed member of the Group of Scientific Experts (Article 31 of the Euratom Treaty)


Pedro Vaz, Researcher of C2TN, was recently re-appointed member of the Group of Scientific Experts on Radiological Protection until the end of 2025, in the framework of Article 31 of the Euratom Treaty. This Group brings together specialists in the Radiological Protection area, who are nominally identified from European countries and do not represent particular institutions, and includes members representative of several international organizations (AEA, WHO, ICRP, IRPA, among others).

The Group, operating under the auspices of the European Commission (DG-ENER), has an advisory nature and is required to give its opinion on scientific, technical and regulatory aspects associated with radiological protection topics in multiple areas (e.g. medical applications, radon, radiological emergencies, regulations on radioactivity in food, nuclear safety). Additionally, the Group supports the elaboration and implementation of European Directives in the above-mentioned areas.

C2TN researchers published on Physical Review Letters

C2TN researchers, Ulrich Wahl and João Guilherme Correia, are co-authors of the article Direct Structural Identification and Quantification of the Split-Vacancy Configuration for Implanted Sn in Diamond published on July 2020 in Volume 125 of the high impact journal Physical Review Letters.


Article available at Journal website


C2TN is partner in a new project in collaboration with a research center from Spain

Project Jun2020
Researchers from the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Group of C2TN participate in the project “Strategies based on metal complexes for the diagnosis and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer” (Call 2019 - «Proyectos de I+D+i», Spain), approved recently for funding and led by Prof. Ezequiel M. Vázquez López (Universidade de Vigo). The C2TN team is coordinated by António Paulo and includes also Lurdes Gano and Célia Fernandes. The main goal is to obtain new metal complexes targeted at the estrogen receptor ERβ suitable for nuclear imaging (PET or SPECT) or therapy of non-small cell lung cancer.



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"Science for Cultural Heritage" project selected to participate in Lab2Market@Tecnico 2020 program

SCH Lab2Market2020“Science for Cultural Heritage” (SCH) project led by the researchers V.Corregidor (C2TN) and N. Catarino (IPFN) was selected to participate in the Lab2Market@Tecnico 2020 program. It is an innovation acceleration program with the support of i-Deals and Everis Portugal, providing a total of 250 hours of business mentoring to the five selected projects. Last 4th of June, the final ceremony of the program (via online) was held with the Final Pitch presentation of all projects, after 9 weeks in which the teams worked with experts to improve their ideas and try to introduce them on the market.
The SCH project aims to enhance the cultural heritage knowledge through simple and accurate characterization techniques, increasing the knowledge (and the value) of the objects. However, throughout the program, the scope has been extended to other sectors such as oil and gas, where companies have also shown interest in products. In general, the companies contacted have shown themselves open to discuss and give positive feedback on the products and the project has obtained very positive reactions. In the future it is planned to continue with the project, collaborating with some of the companies contacted.

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C2TN is a partner in a new UT Austin-Portugal project in the emerging area of proton therapy

2020 UT Austin Portugal
C2TN will participate in a new project entitled TOF-PET FOR PROTON THERAPY (TPPT), which was recently approved on the framework of a UT Austin-Portugal FCT call. The project will address the feasibility of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) with very good Time Of Flight (TOF) for range verification in proton radiation therapy. The C2TN team members, under the coordination of António Paulo, will contribute with the development and evaluation of the use of multifunctional gold nanoparticles as radiosensitizers in proton therapy of glioblastoma multiforme. The project will be led by a Portuguese company PETsys Electronics, SA, and will involve two other institutions in Portugal (LIP and ICNAS) and two institutions in Texas, USA (University of Texas - Austin, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center). C2TN-IST will manage directly a budget of 239 k€, from a total budget of 1.26M€.


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C2TN/LETAL involved in diagnostic tests for COVID-19

C2TNteam Covid 19COVID-19 testing involves the collaboration of researchers belonging to two research units of Técnico: the Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (C2TN) and the Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences (iBB). During the first week, 830 tests were performed. The samples are received at the IST – CTN campus where the volunteers of the C2TN team perform the viral inactivation of the samples. The inactivation procedure is carried out at the Laboratory of Technological Assays in Clean Rooms (LETAL). After inactivation, the samples go to IST – Alameda campus where the iBB team extracts and detects the viral RNA present (or not) in the samples.
With this initiative, Técnico joins several other scientific institutions that are already performing SARS-CoV-2 detection tests, further contributing to the fight against this public health emergency.


C2TN joins the Astrophysics Community in a new Horizon2020 project


C2TN joined the AHEAD community in the new AHEAD2020 project coordinated by Instituto Nazionale Di Astrofisica, Italy. Under the coordination of Miguel A. Reis, C2TN will contribute to AHEAD2020 objectives on Technology Innovation and Exploitation for Society by converting the current first-generation XMS based LCEA HRHE-PIXE facility installed in 2008, into XAHRM-Lab, a benchmark HiREDS facility holding an XMS‑PIXE system based on a novel X-ray Metallic Magnetic Calorimeter (MMC) detector. C2TN-IST will manage directly a budget of 185 k€, from a total budget of almost 10M€.


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