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Collaboration CERN-MEDICIS


CERN-MEDICIS is a spin-off dedicated to R&D in life sciences and medical applications. Relying on the expertise and technology developed at the ISOLDE radioactive ion beam laboratory, at CERN, impinging high-energy (1.4 GeV) proton beams on specific target materials, innovative medical radioisotopes are produced and extracted as ion beams to be separated using an offline mass separator.In this way, highly pure and carrier-free radioisotopes can then be produced, which might be useful for fundamental, pre-clinical and early phase clinical studies, namely in cancer research.

Last Tuesday (13th December), CERN-MEDICIS produced the first batch of radioisotopes, namely Tb-155 using a Ta foils primary target (check links below). Tb-155 is a gamma emitter potentially relevant for the detection of prostate cancer; moreover, being also an Auger-electron emitter, Tb-155 can also be envisaged for cancer therapy. The first batch of collected Tb-155 was then shipped to the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences group of C2TN, where it will be studied under the framework of the project “MEDICIS-produced radioisotope beams for medicine” (Medicis-Promed). Medicis-Promed is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie action leaded by CERN, which integrates the C2TN researchers António Paulo e António Pereira Gonçalves who supervise the PhD students Alice d’Onofrio and Sanjib Chowdhury, respectively.

Detailed information can be found in he following links: www.cern.ch/medicis-promed and http://isolde.web.cern.ch